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Register your trip

Tell us little about yourself and your trip – start and destination point. Based on the type of a package you would deliver, travelling time and distance of your trip we will suggest amount of your reward.

Deliver some package

Deliver some package

We’ll assist you to contact with a Sender and Receiver, secure identification of a Sender and Receiver. So, you would grab a package from a Sender before your trip and give it to Receiver upon your arrival.

Get extra money

Get extra money

We’ll hold a deposit from Sender and transfer the reward to your account immediately when delivery is confirmed by a Receiver. Pay off your trip or get extra money for fun in your trip.

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Meet our couriers

Charles Austin

Charles Austin, Businessman

I’m travelling a lot because of my work.. I started delivering with CourierMe because I liked the business idea, wanted to try it and see how it works and of course make some money. After about a couple of months, I saw that this was something I would recommend to my coworkers."

Pamela Owens

Pamela Owens, Designer

"I love travelling and always wanted to meet new people from different countries and pay off my trips. CourierMe has helped with both of those things, plus I’m seeing new places of the world I’ve never seen before!"

Cynthia White

Cynthia White, Musician

"With CourierMe, I’m able to realize my goals. I’m able to pursue my dreams. I’m able to stay focused on sharing amazing musical experiences with the world."